Saturday, November 18, 2017

Rearing Horse in Fountain

The JC Nichol's fountain is one of my favorite Kansas City icons to render.  Each time, I try to approach the fountain in a different way, looking for the drama. This fountain is certainly fill of the drama!  With rearing horses, creatures underfoot and riders fully involved - there is no shortage of drama!  I am using my fancy new glass dip pen - and the inking is effortless. I dip the glass nib in halfway, and the ink flows smoothly down the glass spiral as I draw.  It holds an amazing amount of ink, and I can complete the drawing in 3 dips.  Next comes a little water, and this particular black ink does not flow as readily as the others I have tried.  This paper is also a little more resistant, so I have to work a little harder.  Totally worth the effort - this is a magical place.  Painting number 1774 in 1774 days.

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