Monday, November 6, 2017

Autumn on Glade Trail

I love the wilderness!  The birdsong, falling leaves and the way they crunch underfoot while walking the trail, all lure me back to the forest again and again.  Painting is quick and simple when using my thumb box.  It is small enough to hold while standing, my thumb slipped until the hole underneath to keep it steady as I paint.  I keep my brushes, paper towels, and tiny safflower oil for brush cleaning under the sliding shelf, putting my Altoid tin palette on the shelf for painting.  From the humble beginnings of the Zorn palette last year, I have added bits of other shades scraped from the broken glass of another palette.  It is now a hodge podge of paint in unorganized fashion, which will one day find order as I use up each one out of place!  See, there is method in my madness after all!  Painting number 1762 in 1762 days.

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