Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Brookside and 63rd Inked

Full of charm and the character of a bygone era, Brookside is a fabulous shopping AND painting destination!  The architecture begs to be rendered, and ink is my choice today.  It can be a little blinding to look at this very white paper in the bright sunlight, so I step intro the shade wherever possible for the work.  If I can't, I use the broad brim of my hat to create my own shade. I hold the paper in such a way that it is under that cover while I draw.  When I think I'm finished, I walk to actual shade to verify my values. That bright sunlight can play tricks with the eyes, and I could end up with very dark shading if I'm not careful.  Now, it's time for shopping!  Painting number 1777 in 1777 days.

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