Sunday, September 15, 2019

Farmer's Market - Carmel

Arriving early for the Carmel Quick Paint competition, the Farmer's Market was busy with activity.  I walked to this site right away, took a quick spin around, returning here to set up my gear.  With plenty of time, I started this ink and watercolor of the Nading Farm booth, full of flowers and produce. The vibrant colors hooked me, and I worked out the details in the process.  I don't remember ever doing a full watercolor sketch before a quick paint before, but it really sped up the painting process!  I was done and framed before the hour and a half was up.  I will be doing this before each quick paint from now on.  The best part?  This painting has a new home at Nading Farm!  Painting number 2450 in 2450 days.

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