Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Beau in Copper!

I LOVE experimenting with all things art!  There is something very satisfying in working metal from both sides to achieve the desired results.  The more I work the masses, the more pliable the metal becomes, and the more definition I can achieve.  This metal working is so new to me that I am still trying exploring the methods and tools.  Almost anything can be used to push that metal, a dull pencil, rounded brush handles, even plastic sculpting tools - nothing too sharp or that metal will pierce!  This "little" darling is our Beau, who is forever bringing treasures in from the pasture.  His latest gift?  A young opossum - playing opossum on the front porch!  I had to make him drop it before coming inside!  Painting number 2464 in 2464 days.

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