Friday, October 11, 2019

Into the Annual Garden

This is my first time at the Dubuque Arboretum, and what a treat!  I landed in the annual garden, though it was a hard choice!  The Japanese and English gardens were also calling my name - if only I had more time!  I only had one 11x14 panel left, so I used it for this gorgeous place.  The painting unfolded very naturally, I am so at home in a garden.  There is something to be said for painting what you know and love.  As patrons walked through the garden, visiting with me, one little boy asked if he could paint.  Certainly!  I gave him one of my long handled brushes, and loaded it with pink paint.  I then showed him the flower bed that he could paint that flower into.  He laid down a perfect flower!  Then each sister got to paint one, too!  The next time they passed me, he told me how much he loved to paint!  You can clearly see their prominent flower brushstrokes!  Perhaps I can get them to finish all of my garden paintings?  Painting number 2477 in 2477 days.

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