Saturday, October 12, 2019

October Farmer's Market

So happy I could capture the last farmer's market of the season!  It is in the 30's this morning, and that strong wind was brutal!  Such a shock from the 90's of last week in Fairfield,  Illinois!  Thank goodness I had enough layers, and I've had all week to acclimate to the colder temps.  I actually wore gloves to do this ink and watercolor - something I never do!  I much prefer the textile feel of the tools in my hand.  But, it was okay!  A little looser than usual, but I got used to it quickly.  This is the only painting left from my week's work in Dubuque, and I didn't get it turned in until 1:30.  What a week!  Painting number 2478 in 2478 days.

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