Friday, October 18, 2019

Brazen Inked

SOLDAfter delicious street tacos at the Night Market from the Brazen booth, the light drizzle turned into rain.  Looking for a shelter from which to use my ink, I chose the wide overhang at tree front of their restaurant.  I loved all that perspective, with all lines leading into the scene.  As I worked my lines on the 100% cotton rag paper, I could feel the texture changing under my pen.  The paper was absorbing so much moisture from the air, the ink was beginning to spread on it's own!  Finishing as quickly as I could, I tucked the painting in my bag, shielding it from the rain.  Once it was safe in my car - a much drier environment, I could relax.  I waited until I returned to my host home to safely frame this one.  Another time, I did not react so quickly. That painting bled into one black blob!  Thank goodness I learned from that mistake!  Painting number 2484 in 2484 days.

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