Monday, November 8, 2021

Autumn Path

The weekly painting venue for the Monday Morning Watercolorists was the Anita Gorman Discovery Center in Kansas City, and it was full of autumn color!  I was so happy to see the vibrant colors as I neared the city - we only have the first shades my way.  I arrived early because I had to sandwich this paint in between running club and a meeting.  What a great day for painting!  70 degrees and sunny is perfect in my book - and I would love to have this weather all winter long! I should have checked my palette to see how fresh my paint was, because some of those little paint worms were dried up!  I keep this in the freezer, and it was too hard to tell when I first pulled it out.  So, tomorrow I must freshen up that palette - or it's likely to happen again! Painting number 3216 in 3216 days. 

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