Sunday, July 27, 2014

Hydrangeas and Lazy Susans

Hydrangeas and Lazy Susans
Watercolor on paper, 10.5x7
This was my second painting on Friday - spent in Helen's yard on Spruce street.  These beautiful hydrangeas were flanked by lazy susans, catching the morning light like jewels.  This is the first time I have taken watercolors to the field - and I was minimally prepared.  I did not take my easel out of the car, so I had my palette and water cup on the ground.  Each stroke, I had to bend down to dip my brush first into water and then into the paint.  There was a lot of up and down motion involved in getting this painting done!  I'll have to involve my easel next time!  Painting number 573 in 573 days.

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