Sunday, July 13, 2014

White Rose of Sharon

White Rose of Sharon
Watercolor on paper, 7x5
We had a wonderful family gathering today with Mike's parents and the kids and grandkids, here to see my parents while they are in town.  My dad is doing so well - it is simply amazing.  He has not been this good since possibly before the cancer three years ago.  I feel like I can finally breath a big sigh of relief!  I am painting just a few blooms from the many rose of sharon I have in the yard.  I have them in every color - and they are loaded with flowers!  I have only painted these one other time, and that was last year, in oils.  My first memory of these flowers is when I was little and climbed on my Grandma Frank's propane tank.  From this tank, I could climb up into the two trees that flanked either side of the tank.  My brother was often right behind me, both of us finding our own perches in the branches.  I always did love climbing, and I can still climb like a cat.  When a tree needs to be pruned, I shimmy up and cut those branches.  This painting makes 559 in 559 days.  Now, back to visiting :)

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