Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dripping Hydrangeas

Dripping Hydrangeas
Watercolor on paper, 7x5
Today, I have played a bit with dripping the paint down the page, simply by lifting it up, and blowing the drips down - when some didn't follow gravity.  I let a couple drips fall over the very wet surface - and they spread, while the others were over a drier surface.  I'm not sure what I think about leaving the bottom of the page white to accent these drips.  After rubbing down the fingerprints on my right hand, I went in search of anything that would make the removal of the drawing gum easier - and I found it!  Certain wine bottles have a plastic/rubber like cork, instead of real cork - and as I sometimes save these, I found five that do a much better job at the removal than my fingers!  I simply hold them horizontally along the surface, and rub until the gum comes off.  They are not quite as good as the rubber cement remover, but a really good "next best"!  Thank goodness!  My fingertips were still a bit tender from last night's work, so this was a life saver.  I am wondering about experimenting more with this drippy technique - I really like the way the wet paper drips spread out.  How could I best use this technique for the landscape?  Upside down hollyhocks come to mind, but that is just crazy!  This painting makes 558 in as many days.  Now, I am going to organize my watercolors by hue while my parents are napping :)

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  1. Wow, just gorgeous! You capture the texture like magic!