Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sunset at Kangaroo Lake

on location
What a fun finish to a very busy painting day!  While enjoying a blazing campfire, with s'mores ready for the making, I set up my easel and quickly painted the sun as it was setting on Kangaroo Lake.  This resort belongs to a friend of mine - and they are so welcoming to us artists across the road!  This boat was catching the orange glow as were the waves upon the water.  When the light is quickly fading, I first painted all of these highlights.  Next came the clouds, which were quickly blowing across the sky in the strong winds. It is very important to get these colors in fast - because once the sun is gone - I can no longer see.  By the time I was finished, all of my darks looked like straight black and only the light and dark values showed - so it was time to stop putting that paint down!  This painting makes 569 in 569 days.
Sunset at Kangaroo Lake
Oil on panel, 12x9
Sunset Shores Resort, Wisconsin

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