Sunday, July 20, 2014

July Roses in Loose Park

July Roses in Loose Park
Oil on canvas, 7x5
Loose Park, Kansas City, MO
I am again painting on canvas in a small size - only 7x5 inches.  This park is so romantic - no wonder there are many weddings here each year!  The fountain babbles as the fragrance of the roses waft in the air - ideal surroundings for losing oneself in the paint!  I need to get some more surfaces cut, but with all that has been on my agenda, there has simply been no time for it.  Thus, I return to the loose canvas, cutting the desired size - largely dictated by the painting window I have today!  The oils feel so creamy after my latest acrylic and watercolor ramblings.  I wish I had time to continue painting all day!  Painting number 566 in 566 days :)

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