Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sailing Lake Michigan

Sailing Lake Michigan
Watercolor on paper, 5x7
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I am again playing in the watercolors today!  This sailboat was turning off the coast of Sister Bay.  I always have my camera handy - so I was able to get three good shots of his maneuvers.  The sun was dropping, and reflections of the sky skimmed along it's surface.  Painting the surf in watercolor is so much different than in oils or acrylics!  I masked off some highlights first, then went in with some loose, wet color - allowing it to move and spread.  This is hot-pressed paper, and so it leaves it's own mark with the pigment.  It is so exhilarating to experiment with this new medium - just like getting to know a new friend, whom you KNOW is already a kindred spirit!  Such an adventure!  I am just getting to know boats as well, I have not spent much time around large bodies of water.  I think I need to invest in some wonderful watercolor brushes, too. I am basically using one brush - which is now starting to show some wear.  At the rate of which I am painting - I will be going through them like crazy!  All of Door County, Wisconsin is full of scenes like this - it really takes me back to this place to put it to paper in watercolor.  Painting number 576 in 576 days :)

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