Friday, July 11, 2014

Lazy Daisies

Lazy Daisies
Watercolor on paper, 7x5
Today, I am exploring an untried watercolor paper - Strathmore rough surface 594-3.  I love the surface!  I wet the paper first, dropping on juicy paint - and allowed them to spread and mingle.    When it came to rubbing off the drawing gum, this paper was harder to get the gum off of.  I had to really apply pressure with my fingers (REALLY missing that rubber cement remover today).  I also tried some new colors - antwerp blue, perm blue, blue violet and perm violet.  The perm blue is that bold blue in the shadows - I like it!  And guess what.....I found another container full of watercolor paints!  I wonder if I will ever get to trying them all out?  I have three different palettes, all loaded with watercolors needed for specific workshops I have attended over the years.  I am trying to use these colors all up, and them I will load with new colors in earnest.  I do hate to waste anything, so I will diligently use up what is squeezed out on the palette.  It is pretty cool to just spray with water and have the paint come back to life.  I can't do that with oils or acrylics!  Painting number 557 in 557 days :)

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