Monday, June 30, 2014

Garden Walk

Garden Walk
Oil on panel, 24x26
Deanna Rose Farmstead
A couple of years ago, I had painted a study for this painting at one of the early morning quick paints at the Deanna Rose Farmstead - part of the Stems Event.  I have a fabulous frame I want to use in my living room, and this was my chosen subject for it.  I am working large today - 24x26, so it seems like it took me quite a while to get the panel covered!  I think I still need to add in a little palette knife detail, but since I am leaving shortly for Michael's baseball game, I thought I had better take this photo in the good light of day, instead of fighting the artificial lighting of night later!  I may just frame it up and hang it for a few days, letting it rest.  The colors are a little brighter than my normal oil landscapes - probably due to my recent watercolor craziness - so this will allow me to judge in a few days whether changes are needed.  This painting makes 546 in 546 days - I just can't wait to see how in looks in my new frame!!

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  1. Tammy your paintings are so beautiful, such lovely splashes of colour on this peaceful little path, great work!