Friday, June 13, 2014

Allium Seedheads

Allium Seedheads
Watercolor on paper, 4x6
Another experiment in watercolor for today.  This has been such a crazy busy day - not even time to breathe on this one!  Once again, I have used the drawing gum with a plastic brush handle to "paint" on the places I wanted to remain white.  I washed over this dry gum with color, looking more at the shapes and the values of the background garden.  I like the loose, crazy flow of this watercolor, how one hue melds into another, creating their own shapes and flower heads in the distance.  I can hardly wait for my supplies to come in - I will have so much fun getting these paintings out of my head and onto the paper!  I am headed out to meet with high school friends for a little celebrating - so I have to make this short!  This painting makes 529 in 529 days - and tomorrow is going to be a full painting day beginning in Independence and ending in Lee's Summit :)

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