Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hydrangeas by the Arbor

Hydrangeas by the Arbor
Oil on panel, 14x11
Lee's Summit Garden Walk - Plein Air
Oh my goodness, what a full day!  I started this morning as the guest speaker and painter with the Scarritt Renaissance Coffee Club in northeast Kansas City, and next headed for the Garden Walk in the historic downtown Lee's Summit district.  This is my third painting today, and such a lovely spot it was!  The giant hydrangea was begging me to paint it - and after scanning the other gardens on the street and visiting with fellow artists - I returned to my favorite.  As is sometimes the case, I had to tuck myself into a cubby hole of shade to get this exact view.  I wanted the abundant blooms spilling over the iron fence, with the path and arbor leading you right into the garden, so there was no other place to set up. The biggest drawback here is that I could not keep stepping back to check on progress as I worked.  I really could only step to the side along the hedge to get a different vantage.  Once finished, I pulled it out of the deep shade to check the hues, and found it was just what I was after.  The weather was beautiful, though a little windy, and the owners were so gracious and welcoming.  I always enjoy visiting with passersby as I work - and what is better than strolling through lush gardens on a perfect June day?  This painting makes 530 in 530 days, and I will post one of the others tomorrow :)

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  1. Another beautiful painting, it invites me to wander through the arbour to see what is on the other side. Belated congratulations on being featured on PPF - I commented there, but am struggling this past few weeks with some mystery health problem and haven't been commenting as I would like. I'll just look back now to see what I may have missed - I always love your artwork so much.