Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rose Arbor in the Garden

Rose Arbor in the Garden
Watercolor on paper, 10.5x7
Today finds me with a limited painting window, so I am applying color to one of the paintings that I had underpainted a couple of days ago.  I am playing with the medium, dropping color to wet areas, letting it spread, and I have brushed out a few areas to blend and blot up paint with a stiff bristle brush.  I am using a limited palette, and I wonder what the untried colors would add....but I don't have time to explore them!  I am wanting to paint my newly opening daylilies - and some fairies, but alas, I don't have the time for that today.  It is very hard sometimes to be a responsible adult when I just want to play in the paints all day!!  Painting number 538 in as many days - now its time to work on the pool!

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