Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Roses in Pink

Roses in Pink
Oil on panel, 14x11
Overland Park Arboretum
I had sketched this wonderful rose patch out on my panel during the Stems event.  Not having time to add paint before, I pulled this out to fill it in.  I first thought to do it in acrylic with the molding paste, but I was feeling more traditional today.  So, I started mapping it out in oils.....with one of my acrylic brushes!  It was bound to happen, since I keep jumping back and forth between mediums and brushes!  As I was adding some palette knife detail, I broke the head off of my favorite knife!  Some days are just like that.  When I went to frame my pieces to turn into the gallery, 2 of the panels were slightly too large - which means I have to cut them down to make them fit.  One is already done, but the second is in oils, and I am just hoping I can get the job done without messing up the painting!  There were only 4 out of 11 panels that I didn't check the size on, and wouldn't you know - 2 were the ones I wanted to turn in!  Painting number 520 in 520 days....and I hope all things go better tomorrow!

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