Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Through the Stone Arch

Through the Stone Arch
Oil on panel, 6x6
Palette Knife
On this beautiful day, I am playing with my palette knives and color on a landscape from Unity Village.  There are so many wonderful places to paint out there - the cool stone work and architecture is so alluring!  I first scrape on a thin layer of paint for my block-in, then lay down additional, thicker layers with the various knives - just skimming the surface of the layer beneath.  As I start the foliage - I remember that I just broke my favorite knife with the narrow tip!  Shoot!  No other knife will make the same marks for me!  I will have to get to the art store soon to replace it!  It is fun to push around the thick paint, and I am "pushing" the colors here, too - looking for the hues that may not be so quickly seen at first glance.  This painting makes 527 in 527 days.  Now, off to dinner with friends :)

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