Friday, June 27, 2014

Old Raymore Barn

Old Raymore Barn
Oil on panel, 10x8
Tri County Raymore Paint-Out
This beautiful old barn instantly grabbed my attention when I arrived at the Raymore Memorial Park.  True to my habit,  I walked the whole trail around the park - just to make sure there wasn't another amazing view.  I did see one other possible painting of the winding trail and fancy light post surrounded by a pink rosebush.  The oils felt so buttery under my brushes!  I feel like the recent experiments in watercolor have made me look at my oil colors more carefully.  I constantly added more color to my normal "go to" colors,  pushing them a little more.  This was a paint out at the Raymore Memorial Park with the Tri-County Art League, and it is always fun to paint with fellow artists.   This painting makes 542 in as many days, and what a gorgeous summer morning to be out painting!  Now it is time to watch Michael pitch at his baseball game tonight :)

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