Thursday, June 5, 2014

Roses of Five Petals

Roses of Five Petals
Oil on panel, 9x12
Five Petals Paint-In
Fourth Fridays in Lee's Summit
It has been such a busy day!  Pilates & Intervals classes, followed by cutting down a painting - only to have to repair a little damage that I inflicted during the process, followed by a baseball game - and a win, and now I am finally able to get to posting.  I painted this interior during Fourth Fridays in Lee's Summit while in the Five Petals Floral Shop.  They graciously allowed me to pull a few items together for a quick still life paint.  This one is rather dark and moody - but that is part of what I liked about the scene.  I first sketched it out in pastels, laying down the darks and lights, and then working towards the middle.  Looking at this today, I wanted to check it with the reference shot.  After looking for it, I realized that I did not take one!  So, I don't really know where to take this from here.  All browns and reds, perhaps I should add in a few cools?  Probably, but I will let it rest for today.  Maybe, I'll look back in a few days and see if I'm led to make any additions.  This painting makes 521 in as many days.

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