Saturday, September 18, 2021

Sugar Pies at the Farmer's Market Market

I LOVE plein air painting at a farmer's market, and Carmel's farmer market is extraordinary!  Live music, plenty of green space for families to gather, many wonderful vendors!  Immediately upon arrival this sweet little "My Sugar Pies" booth complete with pink tent and pink with green polka dot van caught my artistic eye!  This was only an hour and half quick paint - so I got busy knocking in those colors!  On a quick paint I do a quick sketch with my paintbrush on my panel, then I start dropping in those color marks that pop the most. I then move to my darks and start working the painting as a whole to completion.  I set a timer for the 30 minutes left bell - and then I work fast to get that information down!  There's no time for noodling in a quick paint!  It was so fun to paint this gorgeous market again - and the painting won an award, too!  Painting number 3166 in 3166 days. 

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