Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Rocky Mountain National Park

What a glorious place this is! With it's outstanding views in every direction - each choice is a stunner! How will I ever be able to leave without capturing it all!!  With several cars ahead of us in line to reenter the Rocky Mountain National Park, I painted a quick paint of the mountains to the right!  As we pulled up, the girls inside were commenting on my painting - so I pulled up and gave them a card to check my future progress!  It's so fun to capture the beauty while waiting in line - one of the few times in life that I wish the line was longer and slower!  Today I used a favorite TWSBI fountain pen to quickly sketch the composition, then I used a travel brush pen (always in my sketch bag) to dip into my halfpan travel watercolor set.  I am using three sets that I combined into two tins from Watercolor Confections, but seeing the colors here, I could have used the Essence collection from them.  It is SO well suited to the local color. Painting number 3150 in 3150 days. 

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