Sunday, September 19, 2021

Life Cycle at the Carmel Depot

Once again - I forgot to get a photo of my painting on site, but at least I did get one before it goes to a new home!  This beautiful sculpture depicting the life cycle of a butterfly is on display at the old Carmel Depot, surrounded by a butterfly garden.  With the depot as the backdrop, I knew I would paint it with ink and watercolor.  In the hot mid-day sun, I chose to get very close my subject, sitting on a camp stool for a lower view looking up.  The unique vantage allowed me to capture the real essence of this sculpture tucked into a flurry of flowers.  I was on the very edge of the shade cast from the roofline, and it was very comfortable with a little breeze.  I was so honored to receive the Life Cycle Purchase Award for this painting, and love that it will be enjoyed by the family of the sculpture artist.  Painting number 3167 in 3167 days. 

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