Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Steelville Park in Autumn

I love a misty, rainy day for capturing all that saturated color in the landscape.  One of the first real cold mornings, I had just picked up a propane heater for warmth in the field.  With no experience at all, I set it up at my feet and started it without issue. How nice it was to have a little warmth out in the cold wind.  I just needed to be mindful of where it was so I wouldn't step into it as I worked.  I'm always stepping back to check my progress, and forward to lay paint. It would be so easy to knock into it!  So far so good, and I'm looking forward to using it on those cold and snowy days of winter!  Painting number 2900 in 2900 days.  Wowza! 

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