Monday, December 14, 2020

Cedar Path

This cedar path inspires me as I walk and sketch.  This southwest corner pasture was fenced off for many years when my grandmother sold the adjoining land before we could afford to buy more. As a result, cedars grew with reckless abandon to a very large size before we cut through the fence to tend it. It is beautiful!  Large cedars form curving paths full of birdsong and deer trails, and now we mow a waking path looping through from the west pasture. I think there is a volunteer cherry tree in there which I cleared around this summer.  What fun it would be to have a cherry tree on my wooded walk!  Ink and watercolor on a watercolor postcard, this one for the Urban Sketchers KC postcard challenge!  What fun it will be when little works of art return to me one day!  Painting number 2899 in 2899 days.

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