Monday, December 7, 2020

Mayor's Christmas Tree

Today finds me at Crown Center capturing the holiday magic with ink and watercolor!  The Urban Sketchers have a challenge out for postcard paintings, so I picked up some blanks at Blick, and headed to the playland by the ice skating rink.  With the very first mark I remembered how much I dislike standard watercolor paper!  What was I thinking?  I keep picking up these special items - totally forgetting that I only use handmade paper, and then I have to try and make it work.  What a lovely place on a lovely day, if only I had handmade paper postcards!  I am now thinking of creating my own, but I still have three pads full to use!  Yikes!  Postcards from the edge, maybe?  Painting number 2891 in 2891 days.  

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