Saturday, December 12, 2020

Christmas Balls

Tonight finds me painting on a watercolor postcard for the Urban Sketchers KC postcard challenge. Well, it has been a challenge!  I purchased postcards, not realizing that I don't like painting on 140 lb cold pressed paper, unlike most watercolorists.  The other day I was not happy with my watercolors on this paper. So tonight, I grabbed my acrylics instead.  Well, I prefer masonite for my acrylics.  So I then grabbed my closest fountain pen and was surprised to find purple ink in it!  Lol! It was actually perfect for the orange background, but ink and acrylic?  That's a new one!  Maybe tomorrow I'll go with straight ink for the challenge.  There has got to be a medium that I actually like this paper for!  Painting number 2996 in 2996 days.

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