Saturday, August 22, 2020

Turquoise Bike Garden

 Once in a while, I forget to capture a photo while still on my location.  The bright backlighting on the sunny deck made it impossible to get a good shot, so I meant to move to the shade and try again - but I forgot in the packing up of supplies to get paintings turned in on time.  I started this oil painting right after the ink and watercolor at the tree top garden. The turquoise bike was the perfect compliment to those gorgeous flowers - and caught my eye right away for the "floral" category.  I have so enjoyed this plein air event in Steelville - I feel so restored in the midst of covid craziness!  This painting is now showing at Gallery Zeke in Steelville, MO.  Painting number 2784 in 2784 days. 

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