Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Blue River

 The view of Blue River is amazing from the Love Locks Bridge!!  In fact, it is gorgeous both to the north and looking south!  I chose this view because a fellow artist was set up exactly where I would set up on the other side, and I didn't wish to crowd her.  I really love the color of rivers in high summer! All those golds and olive greens make for an interesting shift from the wooded banks.  With ink and watercolor I paint this on a smoother cotton paper than I prefer, but I'm learning to enjoy the process.  Each time I do it, it gets easier.  This is one of my favorite TWSBI Diamond fountain pens - and I was extra careful as I hung over the edge of the bridge to paint this!  I would go in after this pen!  Lol!  Painting number 2788 in 2788 days. 

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