Thursday, August 27, 2020

Sunflower Trio

 These sunflowers are so tall - I have to look way up at them to paint them!  In this hot and dry weather, they will not stay lovely for long - so I will try to get a few more paintings of their lovely blooms.  Wanting a square format, I grabbed a loose piece from my paper drawer without really looking at it.  As I started painting (after the ink sketch) I realized the surface is irregular!  Handmade paper varies naturally, but this one is very smooth on one side and rough on the other!  It is not as noticeable with the eye as it was from the brush!  The brush dragged and released paint differently on the left side, and almost skimmed the surface of the right.  With a little more attention to the process as I finished, I was able to bring it all together smoothly.  Another distraction as I worked?  A little bumblebee that was very interested in my hair and face!  So - I sketched him into the painting, too!  Painting number 2789 in 2789 days!  

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