Sunday, July 26, 2020


This was another day of hard work in the garden, trying to stay in the shade as the heat index rose to triple digits.  At nearly day's end, I was in the process of painting these sweet petunias when a sudden downpour beat their delicate petals down and chased off all the insects!  Ducking for cover, it soon passed and I could finish, even though my models were dropping considerably!  I did put the little bumble bee in - even though one of his brothers stung my leg in the kitchen garden earlier!  First bumble sting I've gotten, and yes it feels like fire for probably 30 seconds!  I think we have a hive back there, and I just got too close!  Painting number 2754 in 2754 days.

1 comment:

  1. Your sketch of the petunias is lovely. The bumble bee makes the painting hum. :)! Have a good week.