Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Bobo Hydrangea

I originally bought this hydrangea from a local nursery just because of it's name - Bobo!  Our dog's name is Beau, and we often call him Bobo - so I had to have it!  It did not bloom last year, so I must have pruned it a little too late in the spring. So, I am so excited to see it blooming this year!  As I inked the composition, and started on the color, I could hear the distant thunder.  It wasn't long until the rain started, and wow did it rain!  This TWSBI Diamond mini fountain pen is one of my very first, and still in my top two favs!  I probably would have inked a little more, but with increasing rain, I was worried about the paper becoming too saturated and bleeding out! It has happened before!  Painting number 2756 in 2756 days. 

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