Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Old Stand at Dunn's Cider Mill

What a treat to spend the morning at Dunn's Cider Mill!  It is off season, but I was there delivering a painting, so I got the chance to scout around a bit!  This old stand in back is the one they used to haul out to the road to sell their goods - so of course, I had to paint it!  I love those little slices of history!  Ink and watercolor on handmade cotton paper, and Levenger's Raven black ink in a favorite TWSBI Diamond fountain pen in limited edition gold.  Painting number 2755 in 2755 days.  I just discovered this did not post last night - so I'll try again.  Now, today's post will have to wait. Sure wish our service was better out here! 

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