Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Garden Phlox

I look forward to these gorgeous blooms all year!  Always gorgeous in time for Independence Day, they are tall, showy and so fragrant!  After a hard morning at the gym, a harder day working in the gardens, some fun grandchildren time for Tiffany's date night, I come to my easel late again.  The silly cell service is bad again - Sprint was so much better than Team Mobile has been since they took over, I am trying to get this post done with very little access.  One would think everyone could have decent coverage in 2020.  With ink and watercolor I capture this moment in less time than it has taken me to wait for all the delays in my uploads.  Lol!  Think I need some more art therapy!  Painting number 2729 in 2729 days. 


  1. Are all of the plants and flowers in your paintings inspired by your own personal gardens?

  2. Beautiful! I love your quick little pieces!

  3. First this is gorgeous. As for internet and phone, since covid and people working from home and just staying home the infrastructure world wide for the internet is bad. I know my pc is sooooo slowwwww. With that have a great day.