Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Turning Creek

A creek turning and twisting always has my attention.  I love the way it moves through the landscape, calling me to it's edge.  This time, I lay my darks in first.  Working in the golden hour means quickly changing light, so I hold off on the sky until it shows the color I know is coming.  I wish I'd replaced the Off clip on I lost in another creek, because the bugs are coming out!  A few of my paints are getting sticky, I'll have to reload in the morning.  Whatever ultramarine blue I loaded last time, I'm not crazy about it.  It seems a little thinner than my Windsor Newton, and it is not as strong in the mix.  For a color I use a lot, it needs to be very pigmented.  I think I'm finished, but I'll check tomorrow in full daylight to be sure. Painting number 2039 in 2039 days.

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