Friday, August 17, 2018

Koi! ATC

There is something so peaceful about watching koi swimming in a pond.  Their curving shapes gliding gently through the water, until feeding time!  At that point they turn into a mass of wriggling bodies tumbling over one another in search of that last morsel of food!  I begin with an ink sketch, India ink for this one.  I start adding color, pulling a spot from one, a blotch from another, as they all collide and move like a dance!  I find that I really enjoy painting them!  Fast, frenzied, and curious, they're very entertaining to draw!  Just being around them has me longing for my own water garden.  Imagine if I could simply walk outside and paint these beauties anytime I wished.  One day!  Painting number 2035 in 2035 days.

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