Sunday, August 12, 2018

North 4th Street Alley

From the back perch of our B&B, this scene down the back alley called to me.  While waiting on my husband, I sketched out the composition with India ink.  Before I could get to the paint, it was time to leave for the historic Mill Stream Inn and some shopping in the oldest part of town.  Knowing the light couldn't possibly be the same in the morning, I ventured out anyway to take a peak.  It was wonderful!  Not quite the same, as different as late light and early light, but the strong light and shadow hit from almost the same masses in different directions!  Yay!  So, while everyone prepared to head out, I painted those masses as quickly as possible!  I'm so glad I did, this painting holds all of the original vision I had the evening before!  Painting number 2030 in 2030 days.

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