Thursday, August 30, 2018


Packed and ready to head to a paint out by 7am, and thunder started to roll.  Checking the radar, I knew there was quite a front coming, and I did NOT want to drive an hour through it.  So, I did some reorganizing of my studio supplies, vanished a painting, hung another painting, and the rain was still torrential.  I've wanted to paint Chewy again, so I dug out the big gallery wrapped panel and started the composition.  I did actually mark out my panel first, which I hardly ever do.  I had been listening to artist interviews all morning, and two mentioned this method for figure work.  I had learned portrait work years ago using this same principal.  I really found it helpful with the enlarging.  This is a little 9 pound dog, and the canvas is 16x20.  For some reason, the larger size can throw me off proportionally.  Perhaps because I seldom work portraits or figures this large?  I will use this method again, because it is a sure fire way to get a strong likeness!  Painting number 2048 in 2048 days.
oil on gallery wrapped canvas, 16x20

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