Sunday, June 10, 2018

Red Hollyhocks ATC

Growing from seed I planted last year, I had no idea what color these hollyhocks would be!  I am a constant gatherer of seeds and plants, and never really remember what is coming up where until the plants are popping up from the ground!  Red is my very favorite color - so these blooms are a real treat!  Today, I first draw them in India ink, and then start in with the watercolor.  While those masses are wet, I drop in additional color, allowing it to mingle in those areas of wet color.  I am working ATC size here, but plan to paint these several times in different mediums.  I may just have to use my oils tomorrow!  Painting number 1967 in 1967 days.
watercolor/ink on paper, 3.5x2.5
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  1. So Pretty! I Love Hollyhocks! Brings back such fond memories of Childhood!