Monday, June 4, 2018

Marigolds ATC

I had every intention of completing several paintings today for special events coming up.  And then I went outside.  It was gorgeous!  With cool temps in the 70s, cool breezes and overcast skies, it was the perfect gardening day!  I could spend a few hours in the gardens and then return to my "to do" list. I just couldn't stop working until the sun was fading!  So, here I am, scrambling at the last minute to paint just one little floral starring these cheerful marigolds!  I'll just have to tackle those other paintings tomorrow, as the day heats up!  Painting number 1961 in 1961 days.
watercolor & ink on paper
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  1. Tammie - those marigolds are such cheerful flowers...loved your yarrow too from the previous post. I have a peony that is over 80 years old that came from my grandma's garden. Amazing how long certain plants survive. Have a great week.