Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Bee and Hollyhocks

I love the way bumblebees hover in the air, with their legs dangling, just before climbing into the flowers.  So tonight, I am inking my composition with India ink, following with watercolor and a little fountain pen ink.  I like the gentle spread of the last ink, used at the finish to punctuate little areas.  I like that India ink in the beginning, as it is well behaved, and allows me to draw with a sketchy, light line with a super fine nib.  It will move if dropped into wet areas, but not like the free flow of that Levenger Raven Black ink.  This paper is very thin, so I am mindful of the amount of water I use. If I'm not careful, those wet areas spread beyond their boundaries, and I'll lose the whites I'm trying to save.  Every painting is a lesson.  Painting number 1976 in 1976 days.

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