Friday, May 25, 2018

Old and New on Conser

When faced with the architectural challenge of the InterUrban Lofts, I was compelled to capture the whole street scene.  There is a real movement going on in old town Overland Park, where new lofts are merging with the historic old buildings, creating a wonderful environment to live, work and play in.  I wanted to capture a small slice of that in this painting, the two sides of one street.  I had first sketched it in ink, shifting my composition to include more of the scene in paint.  I don't often struggle with a painting, but I did with this one!  All those angles, and the reflective light bouncing off so many surfaces of the lofts drove me a little crazy.  I left the scene thinking I must be crazy to attempt such a thing, and left it bagged two days.  When I pulled it out this morning to frame, it wasn't nearly as bad as I remembered.  In fact, I even liked it.  I guess it was worth all the struggle after all.  This painting number 1948 in 1948 days took the purchase award tonight for Stems Plein Air.  I'm so glad I turned it in!
InterUrban Lofts Painting Challenge Winner - yay!

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