Monday, May 21, 2018

Allium in Monet's Garden

I am so at home in a garden!  After working a couple of hours in my own flowers, I headed over to the Arboretum with my daughter.  We are both participating in Stems Plein Air this year!  I'm so happy to have some time to paint with her before her internship starts.  Monet's Garden may just be my favorite place to paint here, and today this spot called the loudest.  The allium are simply stunning this year, so I choose a location with these beauties in the foreground.  I drew this out in ink first, then made a slight adjustment before committing to paint.  I do wish I had a little purple on my palette - it would be perfect for those allium!  I'll be sure and bring it tomorrow, because I may just zoom in on those blooms!  Painting number 1945 in 1945 days.  Such a peaceful place to paint!

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