Thursday, May 24, 2018

Farmstead Morning

Morning is my very favorite time to paint on a farm!  Lucky to have my daughter join me, we painted at the Deanna Rose Farm with the Art Mob - which is also part of Stems Plein Air!  We walked over to the original part, drawn to the animals and farm life.  I simply could not pass this scene, complete with horses and goats!  As we painted, one of the girls brought in hay for the goats - and they went crazy!  Practically climbing up the feeder, they all stood together, eating!  I was just ready to paint the goats in, so it was perfect timing!  They were entertaining us the whole time with their funny noises as begging for food!  One even started nibbling on the leg of Michaela's easel!  Painting number 1948 in 1948 days.
oil on panel, 9x12
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