Friday, May 18, 2018

Sunset at Erikson Garden

Tonight was the kick off for the Stems Plein Air event at the Overland Park Arboretum.  After wining and dining us artists, we headed into the garden for a two hour quick paint!  After scouting the grounds, I landed in this spot - the waterfall, reflections, allium and sculpture all struck a chord for me.  I first did this in pen and ink, but as the color deepened in the golden hour, I knew I'd have to hike back to the car for my oils!  So, after that first hour, I framed and turned in my ink, then returned to paint it in oil.  I adjusted my composition slightly as the peachy light was growing in the sky.  With only 45 minutes to paint, I painted like a crazy woman, knocking in those masses and getting those lights and darks marked.  The light is fleeting at this hour, so speed is a must.  I finished at the sounding of the horn and turned it in on time!  Two hours well spent indeed!  Painting number 1941 in 1941 days.
oil on panel, 8x10
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