Sunday, April 22, 2018

Rainy Day Vineyard

I'm so honored to be included in the Premier Artist's paint out at Defiance Ridge this afternoon.  Ribbon and daily winners from the last five years are invited to participate - and the competition is steep!  I swept through the vineyard on my way to the lake, but I never made it!  The view through the vineyard to the woods beyond was irresistible.  When I had my panel about 1/3 covered, the rain began in earnest. I tilted my panel downward, and pulled up my hood to repel the rain. I painted like crazy to get that panel covered with paint!!  I can safely paint on top of paint, but if the panel is dry - those raindrops repel the oil paint - and then in in trouble!  When I was nearly done, the rain and wind kicked up, forcing me to head for shelter!  PLEIN AIR IS NOT FOR SISSIES!  Painting 1916 in 1916 days.  I'm so tired, I don't know which way is up! 

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